Top Gun 2 to film in the next year

It’s not often that a movie star point blank answers questions about sequels and far-off productions. Which makes Tom Cruise coolly confirming Top Gun 2 is in the works and right around the corner to Australia’s popular Sunrise morning show all the more remarkable. But that’s just what he’s done.

Indeed, as you can see in the below Twitter snippet of the interview, during a promotional interview for next month’s The Mummy release, Tom Cruise politely and happily created a tidal wave of fan interest by confirming the rumours are correct, and he is actively pursuing a Top Gun sequel. Further, he also said he hopes to begin shooting it within the next 12 months.

“It’s true, yes,” Cruise aid with a smile. He then adds after a follow-up, “You know what, I’m going to start filming it probably in the next year. I know, I know, it’s happening. It’s definitely happening.”

Top Gun was one of the biggest box office and pop culture landmarks of the 1980s, of course. Released in 1986, it starred Tom Cruise as Maverick, a hot shot Naval fighter pilot who doesn’t play by your rules. When he wasn’t showboating in the sky, he was romancing Kelly McGillis’ Charlie in the evenings, and crooning the Righteous Brothers alongside Anthony Edwards’ Goose. There was even time for a pickup game of shirtless, always-flexing volleyball against Val Kilmer’s Iceman too.

Top Gun 2 has been in development for quite a while now, and after the tragic loss of director Tony Scott, it looked like the film wasn’t going to happen. But Cruise has retained interest in the movie, and it looks like it’s heading to the skies in the near future. More as we hear it…

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