Trailer: Girl Asleep

Teenage angst, bad hair and portals to another dimension in 70s Australia.

Ever had a dream that was so thoroughly improbable and weird that you often wondered whether you’d actually gone to sleep or fallen through a portal?

Girl Asleep is a Pretty in Pink meets Where The Wild Things Are anti-fairy tale that explores the bizarre and fantastical corners of one teen’s overactive imagination. Rosemary Myers’ quirky retro film is adapted from a screenplay by Matthew Whittet (who first wrote it as a stage production) and stars Whittet, Bethan Whitmore, Tilly Cobham-Hervy, Imogen Archer, Harrison Feldman, Amber McMahon, Eamon Farren, Maiah Stewardston.

Seventies-era Australia is just as awkward a time and place as any to go through an adolescent crisis. As if high school isn’t enough of a horror, 14-year-old Greta Driscoll has to go through the trauma of starting her freshman year at a new school where she instantly gets the “you can’t sit with us” treatment from the popular posse. Her only friend (and the only boy who wants to be around her) is a gawky Napoleon Dynamite-ish redhead named Elliot who may or may not want to be more than friends. Not to mention that every night, she has to come home to a pushy yet fashionably inept mother, a father perpetually in gym shorts, and a venomous older sister.

Being declared an official loser is far from Greta’s only teenage issue. Her fifteenth birthday looms, with one pink polka-dot dress threatening to fling her into the unstable and unpredictable adult world she fears. Letting go of everything comforting about her childhood is a scary prospect. Even the music box she has had forever explodes into sparks. Then a surprise party thrown by her eccentric parents floats her into a trippy parallel universe full of hard-partying stoners, flashing lights, dark woods and unnaturally bright balloons—and possibly a chance at finding herself.

Out in cinemas September 23.


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