Trailer: Shut In

Naomi Watts is a child psychologist driven insane by unseen forces in the trailer for horror thriller Shut In.

The trailer for the upcoming film Shut In depicts a protagonist stuck in a rural indoor location due to a deadly snow storm, as the ominous advances of apparent ghosts slowly drive said protagonist insane. No, it’s not a remake of The Shining. However, in some sense, Shut In has taken the crux of that formula and puts Naomi Watts into the mix for a suspenseful, insular horror thriller that seems to raise questions about what we’re supposed to be witnessing.

Shut In stars Naomi Watts as a Mary Portman, a child psychologist who chooses to live in virtual isolation in a bountifully bucolic part of New England. Her detached lifestyle might be due to her recent tragic past with a car accident that claimed the life of her husband and left their teenage son Steven (Charlie Heaton from Stranger Things) in a catatonic state requiring complete care. Yet things begin to occur with Mary, who experiences vivid recurring dreams in which she murders Steven.

In the director’s chair for Shut In is Farren Blackburn, working off a script by Christina Hodson. Blackburn is a helmer who has mostly resided in the realm of television, having directed a few season one episodes of Netflix’s Daredevil, Luther and Doctor Who. Blackburn also directed the 2013 Viking-centric action fantasy film Hammer Of The Gods.

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