Transformers prequel could be on the way


Andrew Barrer & Gabriel Ferrari, who spent half a year doing the production rewriting on Marvel’s Ant-Man, have become the latest to join the writers room that Paramount Pictures and director Michael Bay have organized to hatch sequels, prequels and spinoffs on their billion-dollar Transformers franchise.

According to Deadline, the project in question is being referred to as Transformers One, with the report describing the synopsis as “more or less an origin story that takes place on Cybertron”. Intriguingly it has yet to be decided whether the film will be live-action or an animated adventure.

Barrer and Ferrari won’t be credited for their work on Ant-man, but it clearly hasn’t hurt in terms of getting them in the shop window. No official confirmation has been supplied from Paramount as to their Transformers plans, but expect that to change in due course…

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