UK Box Office

The winner: Logan

With a debut of £9.44m including previews of £2.50m, Logan has delivered the biggest UK opening for an X-Men movie. The third Wolverine film opened comfortably ahead of 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine (£6.66m, including £1.87m in previews) and 2013’s The Wolverine (£4.69m including £939,000 in previews).

Not counting the three Wolverine films, there have been six X-Men movies: the original trilogy (2000, 2003, 2006); the two films featuring a new cast (2011, 2016); and Days of Future Past (2014), which combined both sets of actors. Among that sextet, Days of Future Past was by far the most successful, with £27.1m in total. X-Men 2 (£20.7m) is the only other film in the whole franchise to crack £20m here. The Wolverine is the lowest commercial achiever, with a UK total of £13.8m.

Days of Future Past began in May 2014 with £9.14m, including previews of £1.59m. That means that, looking strictly at weekend takings, Logan falls short of the franchise champion’s debut. Still, Marvel and Fox can be happy that Logan is performing almost at the level of the only X-Men film to combine all of the mutant franchise’s most popular cast members.

Logan has delivered the second biggest debut of 2017, behind Sing (£10.49m). However, if previews are stripped out of the tallies, Logan earns top honours, with a £6.95m weekend, compared with £6.29m for Sing.

The alternative: Viceroy’s House

Released into 453 cinemas, Viceroy’s House, the first historical drama from Bend It Like Beckham director Gurinder Chadha, opened with a decent £921,000, including previews of £12,000. Comparisons with past Chadha films are not particularly pertinent, but the number certainly represents a big recovery from her last effort, It’s a Wonderful Afterlife (total UK box office: £1.02m).

A more relevant comparison for Viceroy’s House might be A United Kingdom – they both feature colonial subject matter and a similar postwar setting. Amma Asante’s film kicked off last November with a weaker £619,000 from 420 venues, including £54,000 in previews.

The underperformer: Fist Fight

Fist Fight has opened with a lacklustre £400,000 from 393 cinemas, delivering a site average of £1,018, the lowest of any film in the Top 10. It’s yet another comedy featuring adults behaving in an immature fashion – a genre that recently yielded Bad Moms and Office Christmas Party as well as almost the entire oeuvre of Seth Rogen.

The awards movie battle

Moving up from 12th place last week to fifth, Moonlight is now the highest placed film in the chart among the nine best picture Oscar nominees. Barry Jenkins’ winner grossed £731,000 from 343 cinemas, a rise of 86% on the previous session. Despite a big expansion of cinemas, the per-theatre average declined by just 5%. Total so far is £2.49m.

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