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The Hangover Part 3

After three weeks of back-to-back blockbuster releases (Star Trek Into DarknessFast & Furious 6The Great Gatsby and The Hangover Part III), UK cinemas drew breath at the weekend with a relatively modest set of new films, led by dystopian horrorthriller The Purge. Consequently holdover titles occupied the top five places in the chart – the first time the top five failed to include a new entrant since Christmas weekend 2011, when Bollywood title Don 2 was the only significant new release.

On its second weekend of play, The Hangover Part III held on to the top spot, and has grossed £13.5m in 12 days. That compares with £21.1m for The Hangover Part II at the same stage of its run. Based on that discrepancy, Part III is headed for a total around £21m. A gentler decline would see it overtake the original The Hangover‘s UK total of £22.1m.

In second place, Fast & Furious 6 has reached a sturdy £21.5m after 17 days on release. That’s ahead of the lifetime totals of the other films in the series – beating previous best Fast & Furious 5‘s £18.5m – and suggest a final figure of about £27m, which should be enough to make it one of the 10 biggest hits of 2013. Currently it’s in fourth position, behind Les Misérables (£40.6m), Iron Man 3 (£36.4m) and Star Trek Into Darkness (£23m).

Falls from the previous weekend for these top five titles range from 33% to 42% – all reasonable drops considering the good weather. On the other hand, none faced much in the way of fresh competition.

The recovery

When Epic opened with just £1.76m (plus £1.43m from four days of previews), it seemed the Fox/Blue Sky animation was headed for a lacklustre total. But its subsequent success is a reminder never to underestimate the power of the half-term holiday audience. In the seven days after its opening period, Epic added a mighty £6.94m, for a total so far of £10.13m. Now the holiday has ended, expect grosses to dip sharply, especially on weekdays. Back in 2011, Blue Sky’s Rio performed a similar feat, debuting with a poor £1.52m, then going on to reach a decent £13.6m.

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