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Identity theft … Adam O’Brian as Frederic Bourdin in The Imposter. Photograph: Revolver/Picturehouse

The Imposter proves it’s the real deal at the UK box officeSold-out shows announce the arrival of Bart Layton’s docu-drama, while Keith Lemon bears fruit despite a juicing from the critic

Arthouse cinema bookers have lamented that this summer lacked a big specialist release to rank alongside past summer hits Coco Before Chanel or La Vie en Rose. May offered The Raid and Moonrise Kingdom, and June delivered The Angels’ Share and Killer Joe, but July and August failed to contribute a big winner, leaving the space occupied by commercial auteur titles such as Magic Mike and The Dark Knight Rises.

Now, however, arrives The Imposter, a plucky underdog contender delivering £345,000 over the four-day holiday weekend, including previews of £29,000, from just 49 sites. Joint distributors Revolver and Picturehouse report sold-out shows in the Clapham and Hackney Picturehouses and Ritzy Brixton, in London, and in other cities such as Brighton, Norwich, Exeter and Bath. Bart Layton’s true-crime investigation has benefited from a much more aggressive release strategy in the UK than has been the case in the US, where a gradual rollout has seen it accrue $386,000 after seven weeks of play. With a screen average there running at a so-so $3,350 for the current weekend, it’s hard to envisage any significant US expansion, whereas, in the UK, further bookings are a dead cert.

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