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Man of Steel 3D (12A)

Topping the chart for a second week in a row, Man of Steel is only the second film this year to reach £20m after just two weekends of play. Les Miserables, the top-grosser for the year with £40.65m, stood at £17.36 at this stage of its run. Iron Man 3 reached £24.57m after two weekends, an 11-day figure. Man of Steel is behind the pace of the summer’s top earner, with £21.33m so far. That’s already nearly £5m ahead of the lifetime total for Superman Returns, which maxed out here with £16.4m. It’s a similar amount ahead of Man of Steel producer Christopher Nolan‘sBatman Begins, which reached £16.6m in total.

Man of Steel suffered a second-weekend drop of 55%, which compares unfavorably with the 45% that Iron Man 3 fell by. However, it’s always tricky making these comparisons. Iron Man 3 faced no new blockbuster competition in its second week of play, since rival distributors were sufficiently intimidated to give the film a wide berth. Man of Steel, in contrast, faced significant competition in the shape of Brad Pittand a zombie apocalypse.

Star Trek Into Darkness fell 46% in its second weekend of play, a strong performance given the arrival of Fast & Furious 6 and The Great Gatsby. A week later, Fast & Furious 6 dropped 59%, against the challenge of The Hangover Part III.

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