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Kick Ass 2

Thanks to Wednesday/Thursday previews totalling just over £1m, Kick-Ass 2 lands at the top of the UK box-office chart with takings of £2.48m. It’s the fifth chart-topper of 2013 for the distributor Universal, followingLes MisérablesOblivionFast & Furious 6 and Despicable Me 2.

While Universal and the production companies – Matthew Vaughn’s Marv and Brad Pitt’s Plan B – will be happy with the chart placing, closer consideration of the data yields less for them to celebrate. The original Kick-Ass debuted with £3.88m, including extensive previews of £2.05m, on its way to an £11.77m total. While you wouldn’t always expect a sequel to match the total box-office of the original, you would certainly anticipate a relatively strong opening, since the film should inherit an engaged and motivated audience from its predecessor. Kick-Ass achieved a final total 6.4 times its three-day (Friday-to-Sunday) opening of £1.83m. It’s a rare sequel that manages a multiple at that level.

The real winner

Ignoring previews, the real winner at the weekend is the Disney animation Planes, with £1.74m. That’s by no means among the top debuts for animations this year – well behind Despicable Me 2, The CroodsWreck-It RalphMonsters University and Epic – but perfectly fine for a little-heralded family pic that’s arriving as a bonus offering at the fag end of the summer movie season.

In this year’s animation league table, Monsters University (£26.3m) is now just behind The Croods (£26.4m) and ahead of Wreck-It Ralph (£23.8m). Of course, all those titles are trailing far behind Despicable Me 2, which, with £42.7m, is the biggest UK box-office hit of 2013 so far. Monsters University opened with a lacklustre £3.46m, and has already achieved 7.6 times its debut. Among wide releases, that’s likely to be one of the biggest multiples-of-debut for the year.

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