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Olivia Thirlby as Cassandra Anderson in Dredd. Photograph: Joe Alblas

Sunny weather in September is always a particular challenge for cinemas, as audiences tend to consider that this may be the last chance of the year to enjoy the sun, and are not going to pass it up. Arriving at the end of a summer that’s had more than its fair share of rainfall, the sunshine proved an irresistible attraction for most of us, with any cinema plans put on hold until another, greyer day. Despite the arrival of some significant cinematic attractions, box-office fell 42% from the previous weekend, and overall the frame was the third worst of the past year.

Emerging the winner of a thin field with £1.05m, Dredd was able to claim bragging rights, the first 18-certificate film to top the chart since 2010. But the gross was the lowest for a number-one film since the climax of Euro 2012 football, when successive weeks of virtually no major releases culminated with Ice Age 4: Continental Drift grabbing the top spot from its early rollout in Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland only.

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