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On the Road loses its way with lacklustre box-office debut

Walter Salles‘s long-awaited adaptation of Jack Kerouac‘s 1957 novel posts a disappointing total to land seventh in the charts

The winners

It’s the weekend after the release of Taken 2, it’s a fortnight until the arrival of Skyfall, and the October half-term holiday is on its way: perfect conditions, in other words, to create a lull in the release calendar for films targeting adult audiences. With nothing too commercially appealing coming against it, Taken 2 posted a decent hold, and has now achieved a gross of £14.5m after just 11 days of release. Only five films so far this year had taken more after two weekends of play: The Dark Knight Rises(£30.55m), Avengers Assemble (£29.85m), The Amazing Spider-Man(£18.85m), Ted (£17.21m) and Prometheus (£15.47m). Ice Age 4: Continental Drift was released in a staggered fashion, and after two weekends of full national release had reached £17.66m. The originalTaken movie grossed £6.39m over its entire run in 2008, and Taken 2 is clearly headed for a total at least triple that sum.

In the US, the sequel has grossed $86m (£53m) so far. Based on that figure, going by rule of thumb, you’d expect a UK total in the £8-9m range, so it’s clearly overperforming in this country.

Likewise benefiting from a lack of fresh competition, horror film Sinister has posted a sensational hold, with a drop of just 12% from the previous weekend. After 10 days, the Ethan Hawke movie has grossed £3.70m, following a very similar trajectory to 2011’s Insidious, from the same distributor and producer, which opened on exactly the same number (£1.44m) and then fell just 9% for a 10-day cume of £3.87m.

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