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Despite dropping 45% from the previous weekend, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 had no problem holding on to the UK top spot, with second session takings of £3.37m and a gross to date of £16.54m. The film is behind the pace of the original The Amazing Spider-Man from summer 2012 – that film stood at £18.85m after two weekends, although it benefited from one more day of play due to a more aggressive previews strategy. Thereafter, The Amazing Spider-Man faced much tougher competition than is the case this time, since The Dark Knight Rises crashed the party on the film’s third weekend. For that reason, distributor Sony will be hoping that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will now start decaying at a slower rate than its predecessor.

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So far in 2014, only two films took more money on their second weekends than The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and they are The Lego Movie and The Wolf of Wall Street. As for cumulative grosses, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is currently the fifth biggest release of 2014, behind The Lego Movie (£33.2m), The Wolf of Wall Street (£22.7m), 12 Years a Slave (£20.0m) and Captain America: The Winter Soldier (£18.0m).

The winner #2

Among new releases, the winner is Cameron Diaz comedy The Other Woman, which benefited from a clear point of difference from other films in the market (superheroes Spider-Man and Captain America, family animation Rio 2 and biblical blockbuster Noah) and from being the first big Hollywood comedy in a long while. Wednesday/Thursday previews of £683,000 boosted the tally to a five-day £2.66m, a number that’s absolutely in line with the concurrent US debut of $24.7m.

The last comedy sold on Diaz’s star power was Bad Teacher, which debuted with £1.96m without the benefit of previews. Since then, she’s also starred in Gambit (where she played second banana to Colin Firth), and ensemblers What to Expect When You’re Expecting and The Counsellor – all relative commercial disappointments.

The under-performing star vehicle

With a gross of £1.18m and third place, numbers looks respectable for latest Johnny Depp film, Transcendence. But when you consider that £595,000 of that tally comes from four days of previews across the Easter weekend holiday, and that actual weekend takings were just £586,000 from 433 screens, the picture looks a lot less rosy.

Link to video: Transcendence, Exhibition and Tracks: The Guardian Film Show video review

The previous last non-animated Depp film that isn’t based on an existing character (eg The Lone Ranger) or familiar source material (Dark Shadows, The Rum Diary) was The Tourist, which debuted in December 2010 with £1.34m and no previews. Co-star Angelina Jolie provided an assist on that occasion. The directorial debut of acclaimed cinematographer Wally Pfister, Transcendence currently enjoys a MetaCritic score of 42/100 and an IMDb user rating of 6.4/10.

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