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Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum in 22 Jump Street

Conveniently for cinema owners in England, kick-off for the first of the country’s World Cup qualifiers was not until 11pm on Saturday night, hardly the busiest time for a typical multiplex. But for the 13-15 June period, box office nevertheless fell 44% from the previous weekend and was a troubling 58% down on the equivalent frame from a year ago. Distributors had collectively sealed the sector’s fate for the period by not risking releasing any film with likely strong commercial appeal.

In this context, it’s little surprise to see 22 Jump Street holding on at the top spot for a second weekend, with takings of £2.26m, down 54% from its opening session. After 10 days, the comedy has grossed a strong £9.77m, close to the original 21 Jump Street‘s lifetime tally of £10.09m. So far this year, the top live action comedy is Bad Neighbours, with £15.90m, which presents a possible target for 22 Jump Street.

The Imax boost

Partly thanks to its expansion into 24 Imax screens, Disney’s Maleficent posted one of the better holds in the market, down 40%. After three weekends of play, the Angelina Jolie starrer has grossed £13.62m, and of all the major films on release, it’s arguably the one least impacted by the arrival of World Cup football. At the same stage of release, Oz the Great and Powerful stood at £10.09m, and Snow White and the Huntsman had reached £11.87m.

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