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Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Looper

Just when it looked as if September was going to go by without a single film opening above £2m, Looper arrives to kick some much-needed life into a sickly UK box office. Its three-day gross of £2.43m is hardly record-shattering, but following a run of films opening around or under £1m – Killing Them SoftlyThe SweeneyDreddLawlessAnna Karenina – it is welcome news for the nation’s cinema chains. It’s also a new benchmark for Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a lead role. Premium Rushrecently debuted with a disappointing £115,000 from 159 cinemas. Last November, 50/50, co-starring Seth Rogen, kicked off with £410,000 from 228 venues. In 2009, (500) Days of Summer began its run with £1.24m, including £383,000 in previews. Debuts of films such as Inception andThe Dark Knight Rises, where Gordon-Levitt is not the lead actor, are, of course, much higher. Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt contributed additional marketable elements to Looper, although it’s likely that the genre, high concept and reputation of the film played the biggest roles in stimulating audience interest.

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