Uncharted movie has new director

The saga of bringing the Uncharted videogames to the movies may finally be nearing its end. Over the past few years (and then some), directors such as Neil Burger, David O Russell and Seth Gordon have been attached to the project, but each has ultimately left the movie. Sony had announced a release date of June 29th 2017 too, but it’s painfully clear there’s no chance of that being hit. Not a frame has been filmed, casting is not in place, and the finished screenplay – to our knowledge – isn’t yet locked down.

More recently, Joe Carnahan, of The Grey and Narc vintage, was brought in to work on a new screenplay for Uncharted, with an eye on potentially directing the film. Yet his immediate commitment is to making Bad Boys 3 for Sony, and the studio wanted Uncharted moving sooner rather than later. It couldn’t, ultimately, wait for Carnahan to be freed up again in 2018.

Progress, then. Shaun Levy, who has had a good year courtesy of overseeing Netflix’s Stranger Things, has landed the job. The Night At The Museum and Real Steel director has been hired by Sony, and the project is now being fast-tracked.


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