Uncharted movie back on

The movie of Uncharted takes a big step forward – but it may yet have consequences for Bad Boys 3…

Things have been dormant where the big screen version of the Uncharted videogame series has been concerned for a little while now. Sony has the film locked in for a release date of June 30th 2017 but the chances of it hitting that look incredibly slim.

That said, there’s been the first sign of progress in some time. Uncharted might just be edging closer.

Joe Carnahan, the director of Narc, The Grey and The A-Team movie, has now boarded the project as its new screenwriter. He’s the latest in a queue of people to try and bring Uncharted to the screen. It’s unclear right now if his script will start from scratch.

Carnahan isn’t directing the movie as of yet, but according to Variety, that’s potentially on the cards too. He’s told Sony that he won’t be able to direct Uncharted unless its schedule is moved back, given his commitment to making Bad Boys 3 – also due in 2017 – for the studio first.

It might just be a case of which film Sony wants first, here. Bad Boys 3 needs to start filming early next year as things stand. As for Uncharted, if Sony wants that to move at roughly the same speed, then it’ll need a fresh director once the screenplay is written. Which does suggest that Seth Gordon – who had been attached to helm the project – is no longer involved.


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