Vin Diesel: Body shaming is never OK

Vin Diesel pities those who knock others down to feel better about themselves.

The Hollywood hardman may be known for his bulging biceps and tough cinema roles, but he’s not been immune from body shaming in the past. Earlier this month (Oct 15) the 48-year-old took to his Instagram to call out those who had something to say about his physique, after he was snapped off guard showing a fuller figure.

“It’s a lot of negative stuff,” Vin sighed to BBC’s Newsbeat. “I think that it is ultimately wrong, I think people should be less judgemental and more just loving.

“You hear people talk about haters all the time, and there are people who process haters differently. I feel sorry for people who have to cut other people down to feel better about themselves.”

As one of the industry’s most in demand names, Vin is at ease with going on the promo trail when a new movie is about to be released. He also shares a lot with his fans via social media, but doesn’t think it’s acceptable when the press attack individuals because of their weight.

“They do it for profit too and that’s the dark side of fame,” he admitted. “You do that enough to people and they become withdrawn… because they don’t know who is trying to exploit them or bring them down.”

Whatever the media have to say about him though, it won’t keep him from interacting with fans online. Getting to talk to those who enjoy his films far outweighs any negativity he gets elsewhere on the internet. Vin also enjoys the feedback he gets for the roles he plays, including one of his most famous screen alter egos Dominic Toretto from the Fast and Furious franchise.

“I’ve been able to have a unique relationship with the audience that I believe has made the (Fast and Furious) films better because of it,” he smiled. “Magazines and stuff like that are a bit dated now but I think, by and large, around the world people are good people.”

– Cover Media