Vin Diesel: Creative people are believers

Actor Vin Diesel is convinced that all creative people believe in the supernatural.

The American muscle man co-stars with Elijah Wood in The Last Witch Hunter, a movie about the forces of good and evil and mystical creatures. He’s sure there’s more to life than science and thinks people with an arty streak all feel the same.

“In my opinion, all creative people believe in that sort of stuff,” Vin told Germany’s Bravo magazine. “I love all types of fantasy stories and magic.”

And the mystical beliefs don’t stop there. The star is also very superstitious and completes certain rituals regularly.

“I knock on wood and cross myself before getting on a plane,” he continued. “I think everyone’s a little superstitious. It’s just something to do with our culture.”

Vin’s co-star Elijah is also completely enamoured with the unknown. He started horror production company SpectreVision in 2010 for that reason.

“I’ve loved ghost stories since childhood and I do believe in them,” Elijah said. “All that energy in our lives can’t just disappear when we die. Death is not the end but I’m not exactly sure what lies on the other side… “

Elijah takes on the role of fearless priest Dolan in The Last Witch Hunter, with Vin playing the title character. While Dolan might be brave, Elijah isn’t ashamed to address his fears.

“I’m scared of a lot of things,” he confessed. “I’m scared of large groups and making public speeches. That’s the worst thing for me. And I’m scared of death. I’m not afraid of dying per se, but I do worry about my friends and family passing away and leaving me behind.”

The Last Witch Hunter rolled out in cinemas earlier this October (15).

– Cover Media