Vinyl (15)

After a booze-fuelled jam session, Johnny Jones (Phil Daniels) and his old band-mates from the once revered The Weapons of Happiness come up with a gem of a pop punk single. The problem is that no one is interested in re-signing a bunch of aging rock stars. But Johnny’s not one to quit easily. And he has a plan – a hoax that will reveal the sham that the music industry has become. Johnny and his band-mates assemble a talent-less bunch of teenagers to be the face of their new single. Holed up in a house in North Wales, The Weapons of Happiness teach these young upstarts how to talk the talk and walk the walk before un-leashing them and their single upon the nation. Based on the story of Mike Peters’ true rock and roll hoax of 2004.

Certificate: 15     Distributor: Altive Films

Dir. Sara Sugarman, US/UK, 2012, 85 mins

Cast: Phil Daniels, Keith Allen, Perry Benson, Jamie Blackley

Vinyl Trailer from Richard Wilding on Vimeo.

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