Voltron movie in development

Universal Pictures are to make a live action Voltron movie. The sci-fi giant robot story about a group of young pilots in charge of five robotic lion vehicles that form into one awesome giant robot carries a lot of weight for 80s cartoon enthusiasts, but always seemed a little out there for a live action project. David Hayter (writer of X2, Watchmen, and much more) is writing the script for the Voltron movie.

Deadline reported the news, and Universal inherited the project as part of its deal with Dreamworks, so it’s likely that this is still quite far off. Apparently they’ll make a decision on how to proceed once they get Hayter’s draft.

Voltron is in the midst of a resurgence at the moment, thanks to Dreamworks Animation’s Voltron: Legendary Defender animated series on Netflix, which was a huge hit with both critics and fans. It’s a smart updating of the Voltron mythology that satisfied older fans and brought new ones up to speed.

This isn’t the first attempt at a Voltron live action project, either. There were early negotiations for live action Voltron TV series a few years back, but they didn’t come to fruition.