New DVD/VOD: The Water Diviner (15)


In 1915 as Europe is suffering the effects of World War I, three young brothers leave their rural Australian home to fight with the Allied Forces on a mission to capture the Gallipoli Peninsula.

Four years later, after the devastating Battle of Gallipoli, Arthur, Edward and Henry Connor are reported missing in action.

With no further news, their father Joshua (Russell Crowe), a farmer and water diviner, travels to Turkey to discover their fate but on arrival in Constantinople finds his questions blocked by military bureaucracy. Aided by a beautiful hotel owner (Olga Kurylenko – Quantum of Solace) and then by a Turkish war hero (Yilmaz Erdogan), who becomes an unlikely ally, Joshua heads across the tragic, war-torn landscape struggling to find his own peace and desperately holding onto hope.

Inspired by historical events and filmed both in Australia and on location in ancient Turkish sites, including the breathtaking Blue Mosque, THE WATER DIVINER is Russell Crowe’s directorial debut.

Certificate: 15        Drama | War

Dir. Russell Crowe, Australia/Turkey/US, 2014, 111 mins, Some Subtitles

Cast: Jai Courtney, Olga Kurylenko, Russell Crowe


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