West End Wilma

West End Wilma

“Hello dears, it’s me, Wilma, from the London Theatre blog westendwilma.com

Websites like www.showfilmfirst.com are great because they allow so many of us to see shows that we may never have been able to see any other way. Theatre is an expensive hobby, more than ever in 2014 with ticket prices reaching over £150 for shows such as The Book of Mormon! As a blogger who reviews theatre shows, I constantly remind myself that I am privileged to see so many shows for free.  

With so many shows performing 8 times a week, it is unsurprising that sometimes things will go wrong. I remember once going to see a performance of Les Miserables at the Queens Theatre on a dark, rainy winters day. I had been looking forward to getting out of the rain and into a nice warm auditorium for a few hours. After a trip to the bar I took my seat. As the lights were due to go down, the stage manager walked out on to the stage and broke the news to the 1,000 people in the audience that due to a leaking roof backstage that day, some electrics had become wet and it was not safe for the performance to go ahead as planned. As we begrudgingly shuffled out of our seats and back out into the cold, people were complaining to staff about why they had let everybody in to the theatre, buy a drink at the bar and take their seats when they knew the whole time that there would be no show and the actors weren’t even in the building. The point however, was that to avoid a stampede of unhappy customers outside the theatre on a cold rainy evening, being told to turn around and go home, it was safer for them to let everyone in so they could calmly explain what had happened and the options for getting refunds or exchanged tickets. 

The moral of my story today is that sometimes in life (and in live theatre), things go wrong. Occasionally, due to technical difficulties, Elphaba may not defy gravity in Wicked every night, Nicole Scherzinger may be ill and not perform in Cats the night you book to see it or a piece of set may break during a performance of a show, causing the rest of the show to have to be cancelled. As the French say, ce’st la vie (that’s life). It’s not a great experience but these things happen and so on the rare occasion you may be given tickets to see a show by showfilmfirst.com and things don’t go exactly as you planned, try not to blame them, or the producers of the show, as this could affect their ability to get more tickets to great shows in the future. As Idina Menzel says in her song from the film Frozen, let it go!

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Love and kisses,

Wilma xxx


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