West End Wilma

West End Wilma

“Hello dears, it’s me, Wilma, from the London Theatre blog westendwilma.com

I am delighted that Showfilmfirst have asked me to share some of my thoughts on theatre shows with you all so I thought I’d let you know what I’ve been up to lately. Most excitingly, last week I held the first ever Wilma Awards ceremony with ten awards given out to theatre performers/productions and all voted for by the public. It was a Stagey event with Bonnie Langford, Harriet Thorpe, David Hunter and Gina Beck just some of the people who attended. Check out photos/videos from the event and see who won what here 

Speaking of Bonnie Langford, it reminds me of the time I interviewed her and a whole host of other theatre stars about their thoughts on theatre etiquette (do’s and don’ts of going to the theatre). Take a look at this great little compilation video I put together about it http://youtu.be/yAti4hm7FTc.

I go to the theatre at least three times a week and so I have to say there are a lot of things that frustrate me. Maybe I’m an old fuddy-duddy but here are a couple of things that have got my goat lately. 

Just before shows start, there is usually an announcement that asks people to ensure their mobile phones are switched off. It amazes me how many people think this is an opportunity to have one final check of their Facebook accounts or send one last text message. It isn’t and it is so distracting to the audience around these people, to see the bright lights of their phones shining whilst the first five minutes of the show is happening. The other day the woman next to me had her phone on the entire time and kept scrolling through Twitter to check nothing exciting was happening in the world! I don’t understand why people go to the theatre if they don’t want to pay attention!

At ‘Les Mis’ this week, a man next to me decided to play with a bar of chocolate he had in his hand which made a horrible rustling noise. Half way through the classic ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ I had to ask him to stop. I said: “This song isn’t called ‘I Dreamed of Rustling”!

Also this week, I got the chance to see the new fun musical ‘Made In Dagenham’ which tells the story of the women factory workers who went on strike in the 60’s demanding equal pay for women. And they won! Being a Dagenham girl myself I do love the story and the important part it played in history. Go and check it out if you haven’t already.

‘Sunny Afternoon’, the musical based on the story of The Kinks, features all of their best known hits and is a great new show to check out as well. I’m not usually a fan of jukebox musicals but this one is done really well and it’s surprising how many of their songs were big hits! 

Anyway, I’ve got myself an exclusive CD of Michael Ball’s new album to listen to so I’ll leave you all to it. Thanks for reading this and remember, when you go to the theatre, turn your phone off because if you’re sat next to me you’ll be getting a tap on the shoulder!

If you haven’t heard of me before, why not follow me on Twitter @westendwilma  or like my Facebook page to stay up to date with what’s happening on the London theatre scene.”

Love and kisses,

Wilma xxx



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