west (1)

Between the years 1949 and 1990 roughly four million people left the GDR for West Germany. ‘West’ (adapted from the book Lagerfeuer Julia Franck – soon to be published in English) tells the story of a young mother, who together with her son leaves the GDR to try for a new beginning in the West. The film shows the interrogations conducted by the Allied secret services, which turn the Emergency Refugee Centre into a cold war location, proving once more that one cannot leave without taking along one’s past.

With great personal and political power, ‘west’ shows the difficulties of daring to start a new life – if the past has taken away all faith.

Drama | World

Dir. Christian Schowchow, Germany, 2013, 102 mins, some subtitles

Cast: Jördis Triebel, Tristan Göbel, Alexander Scheer


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