WHO’S JEFF? – The New Jason Segel Movie, Jeff, Who Lives at Home

There are certain movies that are sometimes in danger of flying under the radar a little, simply because they don’t include 10 minute long car chases or vampires.  That’s where we come in, giving you plenty of forewarning to make sure these movies are always on your radar (for good reason, ofcourse).  Jason Segel’s next project is one such movie.

I’ve met Jason Segel a couple of times now.  Once was on the set of the ill-fated Jack Black movieGulliver’s Travels a few years ago.  The surprising thing about Jason Segel is that he is, more or less, exactly how he appears to be on screen in most of the roles that he plays.  He’s an imposing figure – at 6’4” he’s way taller than me (unfortunately) – and while no-one would call him ‘ripped’ he’s a pretty solid unit.  What he also is permanently jovial, personable and quick witted.  ‘Game for a laugh’, some might say and judging by his antics on the Gulliver’s Travels set I’m pretty sure Emily Blunt would agree.

So the characters he plays in films like I Love You, Man and the excellent Bad Teacher are actually not so far from reality.  In his new film, Jeff Who Lives at Home, Segel plays a 30-year-old slacker who still lives in his parent’s basement, so we’re pretty sure there are no similarities there.  As the title might suggest, this is a bittersweet comedy about one man who’s lost and failing at life and his brother, The Hangover’s Ed Helms, who ostensibly has his life together but is actually failing at his marriage.  The film starts out with Jeff going to get wood glue and over the course of the story they discover what each brother is missing in themselves they find in the other.

This movie has a real indie feel about it (you can always identify an indie film by the acoustic guitar soundtrack in the trailers, by the way) and the ‘R’ rating means it should be really spicy, just the way we like it.  It’s picking up good pre-chatter on the indie circuit in the US already, where it opened last week,  so my advice would be to mark down its UK release date, May 11th, 2012, and get a babysitter in for the kids.

Check out the trailer for the new movie and also an exclusive press conference clip with writers/directors, the Duplass Brothers, on the film and their creative process:

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