The Widow (Croydon)

the widow

A new, chilling thriller starring Anita Graham (EastEnders) with Murder Mystery regulars Jo Castleton, Lara Lemon, Claire Vousden, Samuel Clemens, John Hester and Ben Roddy. Catherine, a beautiful young model, is offered photographic assignment in a remote Victorian mansion in Wales.

The house is owned by an American, whose son has arrived from New York to spend his last few weeks in his ancestors’ family seat. During the photo shoot, Catherine gets to know the son and is captivated by him, despite the young man looking pale and weak. Her feelings for him grow, unaware that the modelling job is a sham and that the reason why she was lured to the gothic house dates back to the 1830s when a young woman was pushed from the roof top to her death. The Widowis a gripping tale of thwarted ambition, unswerving maternal love, and a doomed romance that warms the heart whilst drawing us into a rich story that resonates long after the final curtain.

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