Will Ferrell’s boohoos at bedtime

Will Ferrell fake cries when his son rejects his offer of a bedtime story.

The 48-year-old actor has boys Magnus, 11, eight-year-old Mattias and Axel, five, with wife Viveca Paulin. It seems Will still has some way to go with winning over his youngest son, despite his best efforts to guilt trip the little one into letting him read a tale before bed.

“Yeah, I’m still tryin’,” he sighed, according to kidzworld.com, when asked whether he ever finds himself vying for his kids’ attention. “My five-year-old won’t let me read bedtime stories to him. He’s still very mommy-focused. And I pretend to fake cry. I get my feelings hurt. And he just laughs and goes, ‘Maybe tomorrow night.’ I mean, you know, they love daddy, but they love mommy a little more.”

Will goes through a similar competition in his latest film Daddy’s Home, only he’s up against his children’s stepfather, played by Mark Wahlberg. His co-star joined him for the interview and they touched upon how the casting came about.

“We arm-wrestled and I beat Mark, like, nine outta 10 times,” Will recalled. “And even though Mark looks so physically fit, he’s super weak. I think you have (the virus) Epstein-Barr, right? You’re super tired, too. Yeah. So he’d fall asleep while I arm wrestled him and I thought ‘Oh, that’s perfect for Brad (the father character).’”

With Christmas Day (25Dec15) just around the corner, the guys are planning to take a break from their busy schedule promoting the flick. Will jokes he alternates the years he gives his sons gifts, while family man Mark – who has four children with wife Rhea Durham – is planning on giving out plenty of presents this Christmas.

“Just the usual,” he said of his festive plans. “You know, my kids’ll get a bunch of gifts. And I’ll have to clean up all the wrapping paper. And then they’ll probably only focus on, like, one thing. (And) then we’ll have we’ll have a nice meal.”

– Cover Media