Wolverine 3: villain rumours

The new Wolverine film – starring Hugh Jackman – could see a whole team of baddies facing Logan…

The Wolverine 3 – as it’s bound not to be called – has now begun filming. Nerdist says they have a source near the production, who has apparently revealed the identities of the film’s villains.

Purportedly, the third Wolverine flick will see Logan facing off against a team of baddies called the Reavers (who’ve been ripped straight from the comics).

The Reavers, traditionally, herald from Australia and are led by a half-man/half-robot fascist by the name of Donald Pierce (could this be Richard E Grant’s role? Or Boyd Holbrook’s?).

Like their leader, the Reavers are cyborgs who hate mutants. They’re either a bunch of thieves or an elite military unit, depending on which comics you’re reading at the time. Here’s a picture…


The Wolverine 3 is said to be set in a western-like future, which would certainly suit a gang of hateful villains like this. It’s easy to picture them combing over a dystopian landscape attempting to wipe out the last few good guys standing.

We’ll take this news with a pinch of speculation salt until an official confirmation or denial from Fox comes to light. But it does sound plausible, doesn’t it?

The Wolverine 3 sees Hugh Jackman in the title role for the final time, with James Mangold returning to direct.