Woody Harrelson: Fame taints everyone

Woody Harrelson has a “boatload of regrets” and believes there’s not a single person who wouldn’t be “tainted” by fame.

The actor has twice been nominated for an Oscar and has enjoyed recent success with projects like TV show True Detective and The Hunger Games movie franchise. While he’s had an amazing career so far, there are dark sides of it that Woody knows only too well.

“I was 24 when I became famous,” he reflected in an interview with Britain’s The Guardian newspaper. “And that’s a big adjustment. Even the most amazing people get tainted. And I got drunk on success. My ego flared up. There’s a lot of a**hole things that I did that I can never take back. I carry a whole f*icking boatload of regrets – too many to mention. We’d be here all day.”

The star calls ego the “principal trouble” within Hollywood and believes it often affects people who are looking for a way to fill up their lives.

Woody has known some difficult times, including the conviction of his father Charles, who was a contract killer. While he touched on the subject, he brushed it off by saying he simply continued to be a child. Now 54, it also helped him appreciate all the strong women in his life.

“It was very matriarchal in my family,” he said. “And it still is, very similar. I’ve got three daughters, the goddesses. And there’s my wife. And the dog is female. And so is the cat. Females, females everywhere. I like a lot of yin energy. I’m very appreciative of women. I’m talking generally, not in the romantic sense, that’s a whole separate thing… Although it’s true I’m appreciative of them in that sense as well.”

Final instalment The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 hits cinemas later this month (Nov15) and Woody has five further films out next year (16), including comedy Besties, which also stars Hailee Steinfeld.

– Cover Media