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The World War Z sequel already has a director, with Juan Antonio Bayona recruited late last yearto tackle the second film spawned from Max Brooks’ book. Now we know who will be tasked with following the story established in the first movie – Locke writer/director Steven Knight.

While his most recent outing featured Tom Hardy alone in a car talking to other characters on a phone, the World War Z is expected to boast a slightly wider scope. Still, the hiring of Knight – a proven writer on projects such as Eastern Promises and Dirty Pretty Things – is a positive sign that the World War Z team is looking to boost the quality.

Last year’s zombie thriller, of course, largely ditched most of Brooks’ book beyond the basic concept and one or two other ideas in favour of its own standalone tale. Knight will likely need to keep to that tradition, though we can hope he’ll incorporate more of what we enjoyed about the tome.

It’s also perhaps not that coincidental that Knight has the World War Z job – he’s also got an untitled World War II script floating around with GK Films that has caught Pitt’s eye and may see him star. Bayona, meanwhile, is working on A Monster Calls and will then likely segue into the second helping of undead apocalypse pie.

Source: Empire

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