Zac Efron: Emily Ratajkowski is intimidating!

Zac Efron was initially intimidated by Emily Ratajkowski.

The handsome actor stars opposite the model-and-actress in We Are Your Friends, which follows Zac’s Cole Carter as he works at becoming a professional DJ. It’s only Emily’s third silver screen appearance, but that didn’t stop Zac from feeling nervous alongside her.

“I was a little intimidated when I met Emily for the first time. She was coming off of working with incredible directors, and was out of nowhere…” he told POPSUGAR. “She’s super smart and inquisitive all the time. She knows a lot about a lot of things.”

Director Max Joseph, best known for his camera and presenting skills on TV show Catfish, also praised the 24-year-old beauty and was impressed by her confidence.

Emily on the other hand didn’t have any presumptions about the cast and crew, as she admits to not being familiar with the work beforehand.

“I met Max first, and I have to be totally honest, I had not seen Catfish, and I was just not totally convinced about the whole thing. I was kind of feeling a lot of trepidation, not sure about the character, but he was very much – now the images I see of Max behind the camera, holding it, that was my first impression,” she revealed.

“With Zac, I have to say, I had no preconceptions. You know, again, I hadn’t seen High School Musical, I was fresh to it, and he’s just a super professional dude. When we did our chemistry read, it was like, ‘You’re a really great actor.’ Which, to me, made me even more excited about the project.”

– Cover Media