Zac Efron: I’m a De Niro fanboy!

Zac Efron failed at hiding his fanboy ways around Robert De Niro.

The 27-year-old stars alongside the legendary actor in upcoming comedy Dirty Grandpa. For the former High School Musical heartthrob, it was hard to contain his admiration and excitement around the 72-year-old.

“Robert De Niro is my hero. I was very nervous the first time I met him,” Zac told Empire magazine. “You can’t be a fanboy around him, so I tried to keep [the fan stuff] down. I think I might have failed. But I do think I can now call De Niro my friend, so I’m done.”

Zac has had the privilege to work with some of the industry’s biggest names since making his movie debut in 2005 film The Derby Stallion. Starring in 2007 flick Hairspray meant he got a double whammy of legendary faces.

“The first time I met John Travolta he was already in full hair and make-up [as Edna Turnblad],” he recalled. “That was pretty bizarre. Michelle Pfeiffer and I had so much fun with that. Later we did New Year’s Eve together, and that time I got to kiss her…”

Zac also had the chance to work alongside Oscar winner Nicole Kidman on 2012 movie The Paperboy. The pair shared a much talked-about scene, where the Australian urinates on him after a jellyfish sting.

“I didn’t realise that scene would be such a big deal,” he admitted. “We did that on the first day. Nicole has absolutely no fear. It was a very good way to kick off – after that you can’t be afraid of anything.”

– Cover Media

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