Zendaya to play Mary-Jane?

Mary-Jane Watson looks like she’s heading back to the big screen

Filming continues on Spider-Man: Homecoming, with Tom Holland taking on the role of the webslinger himself. But there had been some mystery over the role that Zendaya – thus far best known for her work on the Disney Channel, and her strong presence on social media – was taking on in the film.

She had been cast in what we were told was a “key role”, and the best we’d had to date was that her character’s name was Michelle. But it looks like that may have been a little bit of misdirection. For a new report suggests that Zendaya is actually going to be playing the role of Mary Jane Watson.

The part was previously played on screen by Kirsten Dunst in Sam Raimi’s original trilogy of Spider-Man films, but the character has been off-screen since Spider-Man 3, having – after umming and aahhing – not appeared in the two The Amazing Spider-Man movies.

The Wrap.


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