New DVD/VOD: Zoolander 2 (12)

Dim male model Derek Zoolander is back in Ben Stiller’s side-splitting sequel to his comedy classic. Fifteen years have passed since pouty Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) bestrode the world like a colossus as the world’s greatest male fashion model. Today, Derek and his catwalk rival-turned-friend Hansel (Owen Wilson) find themselves cruelly dismissed as old and irrelevant. But then someone starts murdering the world’s most beautiful people, who are all found sporting Derek’s iconic Blue Steel look. Baffled Interpol Fashion Division agent Valentina (Penelope Cruz) recruits our heroes to go undercover in the world of high fashion, which is now dominated by plastic surgery enthusiast Alexanya Atoz (Kristen Wiig). Delighted to find themselves back in the game, Derek and Hansel soon find that all roads lead to their old foe, Mugatu (Will Ferrell). Ben Stiller’s long-awaited sequel to his much-loved fashion industry satire includes a host of great star cameos, from Benedict Cumberbatch to Justin Bieber.


Dir. Ben Stiller, US, 2016

Cast: Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell