ShowFilmFirst membership is made for people who enjoy a wide variety of entertainment, can be discreet about where they got their tickets and are happy to give honest feedback on what they see.

As a ShowFilmFirst member, you may be offered tickets depending on your genre preferences, your demographic and your location. Once you accept the tickets, we ask that you follow the ShowFilmFirst code – turn up, always be polite to box office staff and other guests, and share your thoughts on the experience afterwards. Even if what you saw wasn’t to your taste, we want to hear your constructive feedback.

Importantly, ShowFilmFirst members are discreet. You might be lucky enough to get top shelf tickets next to people who’ve paid hundreds of pounds. Keep your secret to yourself to avoid any upset. Similarly, don’t talk about where you get all your exciting tickets from on social media – but do talk about what you saw and what you thought of it.

Sound good? Apply for membership here and we’ll let you know if you’ve been successful.

Best Price Theatre tickets via Encore

In partnership with Encore we have access to the best price tickets to most of the West End Shows and Events.
All offers can be found here or you can call them on +44 (0) 207 492 1606.

Theatre Club

Alongside ticket provider Encore, we offer our members exclusive rates to exciting shows via our group booking service.

Film Previews

Want to see upcoming movies before they’re released? We invite our members to film previews to generate word of mouth before the film opens to the public and get valuable feedback on the feature.

Film Events

We often have tickets for specialist film events, Q&A’s and festivals where you can fully indulge your inner film buff.

Club Nights and Gigs

We’re developing our offering to include club nights and gigs. Stay up to date by following us on Instagram if you’re looking to experience the latest live acts and try out new venues.

Audience Development

Because of our membership’s reputation for being engaged, discreet and keen to try new things, we’re able to get invite-only tickets to a wonderfully diverse mix of events, from magic to comedy to music festivals. This might be to test a new act or venue, boost audience numbers at a launch event or generate word of mouth.

Research Screenings

At our research screenings, you’ll watch a feature and fill in a questionnaire with your thoughts afterwards. Members can sign up here and we’ll let you know when there’s a suitable screening near you.