Encore Tickets

If you bought THEATRE TICKETS from Encore, please see their notice.


We are letting our members know as soon as we hear a show has been cancelled. However, we recommend you visit the venue site for their latest updates.

None of us know how/when the current situation will play out.

SFF is run by a very small team who work tirelessly to entertain our members. The tickets provided are complimentary but an admin fee is charged in order to cover SFF’s costs.

At the point that the ticket is downloaded, SFF has already incurred staff and technical costs. In order to offer the best-value to our members we do not charge for membership, as we feel a small administration fee charged for tickets actually requested is fairer.

We hope that you agree that our service represents good value and that you will want us to continue - which we will only be able to do with your support at this difficult time.

Where possible we are hoping that if an event is cancelled, we can offer those with tickets first option on a rescheduled event.

We thank you for your patience and understanding in these unprecedented times.