You've Booked For The Event, What's Next ?

You're on your way to your SFF experience. The next step is to download and print your voucher - unfortunately not all venues accept vouchers on smartphones, so it's best to have the printed version with you.

You've Downloaded And Printed Your Voucher

So there's no surprises, we encourage you to read the Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) printed on your voucher. Each venue may have different collection instructions and you don't want to miss getting your ticket! If you have questions about your event, please don't contact the venue - please contact SFF Help.

It's Event Day And You're At The Venue To Collect Your Ticket

At the Venue, make your way to the Box Office to exchange your SFF voucher for a ticket. Be sure to arrive at the Box Office between the Ticket Collection times mentioned in the T&Cs on your voucher. Most venues operate a strict 'no late admittance' policy as lateness can be disruptive to the performers, and you wouldn't want to miss any of our shows!

You've Got Your Ticket, Now What ?

As you're attending the event as an SFF member, we ask that you politely accept the ticket that has been allocated to you. Unfortunately the staff at the Venue are not able to make any changes to your allocation.

Your Event Is About To Start

While you are at the event, please remember that as one of our members you have been able to get your ticket for a nominal administrative fee, but not all ticketholders are so fortunate, so please be considerate of those that may have paid full price for their ticket.

It's Time To Head Home

Your event has come to a close and it's time to reflect on the experience. Please take the time to complete the survey that we'll email you, and give feedback on your experience so we can continue bringing you great events.

Thank You From The SFF Team

Thank you for being a great ambassador for ShowFilmFirst. We are pleased to have you as our Member and we hope you thoroughly enjoyed your SFF experience.