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If you think there is no such thing as a free ticket, you obviously haven't discovered

You simply sign up to Showfilmfirst to become a seat filler; agree to the Terms & Conditions/etiquette, pay a small admin fee, and you get free tickets to film previews, Concerts, Theatre, Gigs and other events.

There are many reasons to supply complimentary tickets to fill seats and its an essential part of the entertainment industry.

What does a seat-filler do?

They fill seats - but actually they do so much more...

Spread the word

Producers may know how good their shows are but want to get the word out. Research proves again that one of the biggest reasons people go to a film or a show is a recommendation from a friend. So it makes sense for companies to let a portion of their target market see how brilliant their project is for free - that way, they get free marketing from seat-fillers who leave the show wanting to tell their like-minded friends all about it.

Create an atmosphere

There's nothing like the buzz of a full house. Producers know that the atmosphere in a venue can make a break a show, and audience numbers are a big part of this. For one reason or another, some performances just don't sell as well as they could, even if the show is fantastic. To ensure ticket-holders (and performers) have the best possible time, seat-fillers are brought in to help create that buzz. And, while it's not compulsory, venues hope that a larger audience means extra sales at the bar and potentially more tickets sold in future.

Sway the press

It's particularly important that critics see shows exactly how they are supposed to be enjoyed - with full (and target) audiences, ready to have a good time.

Provide valuable feedback

Most of the time, the companies that provide free tickets to seat-fillers want feedback in return. What better way to find out what's working, what's not, who they should be targeting and how, than to ask the core audience directly? Feedback is vitally important to marketing teams - your opinion could alter their strategy and help them to reach more people.

Find a new favourite

New venues aiming to increase the size of their clientele may offer free tickets to seat-fillers in order to show off their venue and the events on offer. By doing this, they hope that you'll return in future as a paying customer.